In addition to excellent conditions for your accommodation, Family Hostel Zlatibor offers You the opportunity to explore and discover Zlatibor, and enjoy our natural beauties.

Besides the already well-known excursions ethno village Sirogojno, unique open-air museum, Stopic cave and Gostilje waterfall, we offer You tourist sightseeing from the ski lift on Zlatibor Tornik, old train driving tours on Sargan Eight, and visits to Drvengrad and Andricgrad.

Also, we offer special visits to the unique village Musvete, where guests can enjoy tasting Dalmatian smoked ham and bacon, local wine and homemade brandy. In addition, guests can go on a tour on Viric courtyard or find refreshment at the nearby beach Trčinoga.

Also, we are able to answer the wishes of those true adventurers and organize them paragliding flights accompanied by experienced trainers, rafting on river Drina and Lim, kayaking and many other adrenalin sports.


Paragliding Serbia

Tandem paraglider and tandem system are design to enable the people who wish to fly and are not a paragliding pilot’s to feel the beauty of free fly and of course  and ADRENALINE too Also, people who would like to...

Viric Mill

Our accommodation “Virić mill” is located in Zlatibor village Mušvete, 10 km away from Zlatibor. The house was built in 1925, and renovated in 1990. The curiosity of the house is preserved house floor, which is set some 80 years...

Acim Prsutana

Aćim Company Ltd. was founded in 1992 and since its establishment is engaged exclusively in production and sales of dry-cured products, which are manufactured by traditional technology – with no preservatives except sea salt. This way, the company has acquired...


Sirogojno is famous ethno village made of houses from all over Zlatibor village, it is also internationally famous for its wool sweaters Sirogojno is a village in the eastern part of  Zlatibor, developed around the Church of  Peter and Paul,...